Air quality testing for privately-owned compressors

Air Purity is pleased to offer remote air quality testing for owners of private dive compressors, anywhere in New Zealand.

Many recreational operators of dive compressors may not be aware of the severe risk even well-serviced compressor units can pose to themselves, their friends and family.

A number of life-threatening air contaminants can enter SCUBA cylinders via the filing air compressor including carbon monoxide, excess carbon dioxide, oil residues and other hydrocarbons. As well as SCUBA cylinders, any high or low pressure system delivering breathable air can be affected, such as hookah units and breathing systems used in industrial applications.

Note: Pre-Christmas testing needs to done by the 19th of December!

Air testing is mandatory for commercial operators and highly recommended for private compressors.

Compressor air is tested for the presence of the following potentially dangerous issues:

  • Any presence of odour or taste
  • Water vapour above 100mg/m3
  • Carbon Monoxide above 5ppmv
  • Carbon Dioxide above 480ppmv
  • Oil mist above .5mg/m3
  • The presence of hydrocarbons

A test certificate is issued outlining the results and a number of other relevant details. In a commercial application, this certificate is valid for three months. A copy of the test certificate can be viewed here: Example test certificate

In the case of a failed test, Air Purity can recommend several service agents nationwide.

The testing procedure

Testing of remote air compressors could not be more straightforward:

  1. Air Purity dispatches two specifically designed self-sealing air-sample bags with step-by-step instructions by courier to the agreed address
  2. The step-by-step instructions include a few simple questions to be filled out by the customer
  3. The compressor is started
  4. Air is purged through the whips/airlines for at least 60-seconds to remove moisture.
  5. The pair of self-sealing bags are filled in only a few seconds
  6. The sample bags and form are returned to Air Purity via the included self-addressed courier bag
  7. Air Purity tests the air at its office
  8. Air Purity provides the test certificate as a pass or fail, depending on the results

To arrange this important air test, please contact Air Purity by phone on 09 623 3252 or by email on

Tests cost $250 including GST. This fee is payable before the sample bags will be couriered from the Air Purity office.

Contact Air Purity to get your compressor air tested

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