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NOTE: If you are not a registered SCAP station Please contact Air Purity Before ordering ROC.

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ROC Ring of Confidence - dive tanks


ROC Ring of Confidence - SCUBA

The 'Ring of Confidence’ (ROC), cylinder tag is a coloured disc secured to a dive tank during the annual inspection of scuba dive cylinders. Air Purity is the exclusive provider of ROC tags. The colour of ROC denotes the cylinder test year.

fish ID slates

Fish ID Slates

Fish identification

Air Purity Limited is the wholesale distributor of Fish ID Slates, supplying them to customers a wholesale rates for resale at dive shops and other underwater sports outlets.

About Air puriTY

Set up in 2013, Air Purity Limited is an independent, and 100% owned subsidiary of the New Zealand Underwater Association. In 1982, NZ Underwater identified the need to ensure safe diving practices were supported by quality assurance procedures extended to dive cylinders and air filling equipment, thus developing the SCAP (Scuba Cylinder Audit Program). Today, Air Purity is a primary point of contact for clean breathing air testing, SCAP cylinder audit and certification, air-fill operator certifications, and recreational boat training courses specific to the New Zealand underwater community.

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